Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Too ugly to live, or really nifty?

I have a small job for a client who requested this font: Bauhaus This was designed in 1969 and belongs there as far as I am concerned. Around this time, Lettraset, a company who makes "rub-down" type, introduced a great many hip, modish fonts. Like most designs, they were quickly adopted and used everywhere. Most had little merit, except some really nice ones such as Avant Garde, created for the magazine of the same name.

So vote. Best left in the past, or really hip today? (they always predict wide ties coming back but I have yet to see '60's hipster ties exactly matching what's in now.

Oh, and the replacement sync cord for my Nano ipod cost $19.95 plus tax.

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George Everet said...

Best left in the past. Bauhaus was one of those 70s inspired things — too geometric, too dark, too feh. Use Futura instead, it still looks good and doesn't look like it's mired in its time period.