Friday, October 17, 2008

Digital sketches

These are sketches for a site I was creating for Finegan Thompson in 2007. Three splash page designs, mocked up with the same images in different formats. I don't write html very well so I work with a web jockey who can translate my ideas into online sketches. From there, we have a system for filing components, delivering them sized and optimized and quickly putting rollovers, Flash, whatever into the online mock-up.


bhavani said...

I found lots of web designs blogs. this design will display details of all the graphic designs
And it has about millions of designs.

John Thompson said...

Yes, there are scads of free or $5.00 range templates you can buy too. My focus is more on the creative process—when to use digital as opposed to pencil sketches. They each have their place. More on that in upcoming posts.

Clients come to me for custom sites.